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nope.............but it does give you hives.

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Q: Does Loreal Advanced Revitalift Work
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Does loreal thicking shampo work?

Does anything work as it should....toothpaste,shampoo,washing powder....

Who is spokes model for revitalift Ola?

I know that Diane Keaton is one of them

Is loreal good?

loreal is a very good product. Angelina jolie and Selena Gomez uses it regularly. loreal rox!

Does the Loreal Couleur Experte Hair Color Ginger Twist work on dark hair?

The Loreal Couleur Hair Color Ginger Twist will work on dark hair, but the effect won't be pronounced. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your desired style.

Who is loreal palmer?

Loreal Palmer is Keke Palmer's older sister

Is there paraben in LOreal shampoo?

methylparaban is listed as an ingrediant on my loreal bottle.

Can you use a Loreal coupon to buy mascara?

Yes, you can use your 25% off Loreal coupon on mascara. You can use the Loreal coupon on any item that is made by Loreal. It may be used at any store that accepts coupons.

In which products loreal is dealing?

Everything basically, because loreal makes all there products.

Is loreal Paris elvive shampoo and conditioner good?

compare loreal with pantene shmpoo

Where can you purchase Loreal professional Hair spa products online in india?

Hi I am Jasmeen and want to purchase Loreal hair spa (big paking) from loreal company

On what types of products does Loreal offer coupons?

Loreal does offer coupons on their hair products. Typically Loreal offers coupons on their entire range of makeup, hair, and skin products.

Where can one obtain Loreal Paris makeup coupons?

You can obtain Loreal Paris makeup coupons online from the RetailMeNot website. You can purchase Loreal Paris makeup from stores such as Target, CVS and Walgreens.