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No he dosent have a girlfriend

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No, he hasn't a girlfriends

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Q: Does Kenichi Matsuyama has a girlfriend?
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Can I be Kenichi matsuyama's girlfriend?

. I am Kenichi. The answer is No.

What kenichi matsuyama girlfriend's to do for kenichi?

take good care of him and understand his thoughs because that's what a true girlfriend should be

Does kenichi matsuyama have a girlfriend?

He actually has a wife. Her name is koyuki kato.

What is Kenichi Matsuyama's birthday?

Kenichi Matsuyama was born on March 5, 1985.

When was Kenichi Matsuyama born?

Kenichi Matsuyama was born on March 5, 1985.

Does kenichi matsuyama married?

i think his girlfriend is Shirahata Mitsuki.

Who is shirahata mitsuki's boyfriend?

i think it's kenichi matsuyama...

How tall is kenichi matsuyama?

He is 5' 10¾", or 1.8 m

What Japanese actor acting to be L in death note?

Kenichi Matsuyama

How old is Ken'ichi Matsuyama?

Ken'ichi Matsuyama is 25 years old (birthdate: March 5, 1985).

What is the sexual orientation of Kenichi Matsuyama?

not sure;i have looked at all the sites that CLAIM he is gay none say he is.but you never know.

Who is in the cast of the 2010 movie 'Norwegian Wood'?

The film Norwegian Wood starred Kenichi Matsuyama, Rinko Kikuchi, Kiko Mizuhara. The film was released on December 11, 2010 in Japan. It was directed by Tran Anh Hung.