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Q: Does Jessie James have a boyfriend?
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Does Jessie Williams have a boyfriend?

Its James

Who plays Tony the doorman and Jessie's boyfriend in Jessie?

Alex Nouman

Does Jessie like James in pokemon?

In "Pokemon Shipwreck" James admitted he liked Jessie, but she seemed to have more important things to do then have a crush on James. In the manga, Jessie and James are married and Jessie is pregnant.

When was Jessie James born?

Jessie James was born on 1988-04-12.

What is the name of Jessie J's boyfriend?

Jessie J's boyfriend is rap-singer, Tinie Tempah (his real name is Patrick Okgowu)

Is Skrillex Jessie J's boyfriend?

no, jessie j is a bisexual and is currently is a lesbian relationship.

Is Jessie j living with her boyfriend?

No not really

How old is Jessie Williams boyfriend?


Who is Jessie Williams aged 12 boyfriend?


Are Jessie and James from the anime in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No, Jessie and James from the anime are not in Pokémon LeafGreen.

Was Jessie James a Mormon?


What is the episode from Disney channel Jessie when Jessie's boyfriend forgets her anniversary?

the episode Why do foils fall in love