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I'm pretty sure it's a no...

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Q: Does Guy Sebastian have a fake tattoo?
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What is the birth name of Guy Sebastian?

Guy Sebastian's birth name is Guy Theodore Sebastian.

What does Guy Sebastian's tattoos say?

His tattoo is the symbol of solomon. Which is either a jewish, christian, or Islamic symbol. Solomon is a demon which hides away his evil to protect others. Just like sebastian.

What is guy Sebastian's real name?

When did Guy Sebastian came to Australia

How did Guy Sebastian came to Australia?

No. He is African.

What is Guy Sebastian's birthday?

Guy Sebastian was born on October 26, 1981.

Is chris Sebastian guy Sebastian brother?

Yes, he is Guy's younger brother.

Does anyone have a video of Justin Bieber getting his tattoo?

im pretty sure its a fake tattoo so no there is no video! its fake!

What is taylors fake tattoo of?

a heart

Is WWE's tattoo's fake?

no not at all

Does Shakira have a tatoo?

NO Shakira doesn't have a tattoo when people show up pictures of Shakira with a tattoo that is fake I saw her in a bikini and she doesn't have a tattoo

How many children does guy Sebastian have?

none! guy Sebastian has no children at all

When was Just as I Am - Guy Sebastian album - created?

Just as I Am - Guy Sebastian album - was created in 2003-12.