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Dakota Goyo does not have a girlfriend.

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Dakota Goyo, a Canadian actor, has kept his personal life private and has not publicly disclosed information about his relationship status or if he has a girlfriend.

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Q: Does Dakota goyo have a girlfriend?
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Does Dakota have a girlfriend?

Dakota Goyo does not have a girlfriend.

Does Dakota Goyo have a girlfriend before?

Dakota doesn't have a girlfriend, and he never has had one.

Is David goyo related to Dakota goyo?

Yes he is, David Goyo is Dakota Goyo's Father.

Is Dakota goyo Christian?

Is dakota goyo catholic

Is Dakota goyo a christian?

Is dakota goyo catholic

What is Dakota goyo's full name?

Dakota Avery Goyo

What grade is Dakota goyo in?

dakota goyo is in 7th grade

What is Dakota Goyo's middle name?

Dakota Goyo's middle name is Avery. I'm in love with Dakota! (;

How old is Dakota Goyo?

Canadian actor Dakota Goyo is 17 years old (born August 22, 1999).

What is Dakota Goyo's Twitter?

It is @DakotaGoyo

What is Dakota Goyo's fan number?


Where does Dakota Goyo live?

Beverly Hills