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Q: Does Colombia like nuclear weapons
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What weapons are considered nuclear weapons?

Those that are nuclear, such as the nuclear bombs.

Does Zambia have nuclear weapons?

Zambia does not have nuclear weapons.

Where are nuclear weapons found?

In nuclear weapons depots.

What are nuclear weapon?

Nuclear weapons are weapons which are fueled by nuclear energy. Examples of weapons that can be fueled by nuclear energy are missile warheads and bombs.

Are nukes really nuclear weapons?

Yes, they are nuclear weapons.

Does Afghanistan have nuclear weapons?

NO. Afghanistan does not have nuclear weapons, nor did it have nuclear weapons at any time, nor has it been accused by other countries of having nuclear weapons. Afghanistan is also a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, for what that's worth.

Why are nuclear weapons a good thing?

Nuclear weapons are a good thing for the United States because they prevent others from using nuclear weapons on the US. In general, the world would probably be a better place without nuclear weapons if it weren't for the fact that they lead to research in all fields of Nuclear Engineering, like Nuclear Power plants and Nuclear Physics. Since nuclear weapons already exist in the world, for the US to get rid of their nuclear weapons would be unwise. Countries that dislike nuclear weapons or even radical terrorist cells and organizations would now have no reason not to launch a nuclear warhead at the US since no retaliation would occur. The strategy of nuclear weapons preventing others from using them against the US is called the Deterrent Strategy.

What Arab countries have nuclear weapons?

Pakistan has about 100 nuclear weapons.

Did they use nuclear weapons in the holocaust?

No, Nazi Germany had no nuclear weapons.

How has the United Nations tried to limit nuclear weapons?

The UN tried to limit nuclear weapons in many ways. For example, the UN simply wanted all nations to disarm itself with all WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), this includes Nuclear Weapons. Also when certain countries like Iran and Korea starts a nuclear program, the UN tries to make sure that none of it is used to make Nuclear Weapons.

What was nuclear deterrence or mutual destruction?

nuclear deterrence - the idea that if you attack me with nuclear weapons then I will attack you back with nuclear weaponsmutual assured destruction - the idea that if you attack me with nuclear weapons then I will totally destroy you with nuclear weapons and if I attack you with nuclear weapons then you will totally destroy me with nuclear weapons - thus any nuclear attack by either party will result in the certain destruction of both parties

Why do you have nuclear weapons?

Some of the countries have nuclear weapons because they use them as a defense mechanism. The nuclear weapons are intended to be used whenever there is a war.