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she is not dating anyone and she gets mad when people think she is cheeting on someone well everyone does

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Q: Does Brittany Underwood have a boyfriend?
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What is Brittany Underwood's occupation?

Brittany Underwood is a/an Actress

How tall is Brittany Underwood?

Brittany Underwood is 158 cm.

Is Brittany Underwood tall?

Brittany Underwood is 158 cm.

Do Carrie Underwood have a sister name Brittany Underwood?

carrie underwood and brittany underwood are not relate at least not very close

When was Brittany Underwood born?

Brittany Underwood was born on July 6, 1988

How old is Brittany Underwood?

Brittany Underwood is 29 years old (born July 6, 1988).

Is Brittany Underwood related ti Carrie Underwood?

I don't think so they both have there worlds Brittany's an actor carries a singer

What is Brittany Underwood's religion?

I think she is a Christain

Who is Cody Longo dating?

Brittany Underwood.

Is Brittany Underwood and Cody longo dating?


Does Cody longo and Brittany Underwood sing on Hollywood heights?

Yes, Cody Longo and Brittany Underwood sing a lot of songs during the shows.

Who is Brittany Underwood dating 2012?

Cody Longo