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"Yes, believe it or not Avon does sell collectible Christmas plates, and when they are not in stores seasonally, they can be purchased for the most part on eBay."

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Q: Does Avon sell collectible Christmas plates?
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Where can you sell Bradford collectible china plates?

Antiques fairs, auction sales and online auctions such as eBay and even places such as amazon.

Is Avon a franchise?

no, people sign up to sell Avon as independent representatives

Did Avon sell a 1998 pewter Christmas ornament?

Yes 1998 does exist. We have one. It is a Santa Clause holding a castle and a gold star. Ted Sorry, the ornament you have described is the Avon 1997 ornament. Mary

Rep for Avon cosmetics in BS32 area?

You have to be at least 18 old to sell AVON :)

Can a 13-year-old sell something like Avon from home?

No. You have to be 18 years of age to sell Avon.

Do men work for Avon?

Yes! There are many men that work for Avon. Avon sells products for men, as well, so its not silly for a man to sell Avon.

Did Avon sell to all ages of females?


How can one become an Avon sales rep?

One can become an Avon sales rep by visiting the Avon website and clicking "Sell Avon". You fill out your information and they begin the process to get you signed up and training.

Who all sell Avon?

Boots or there are self employed representatives

How does one learn how to sell Avon products?

You can go to the Avon website and fill out their contact form, and eventually someone will get back to you. Also, you could contact a local leadership representative to make an appointment and sign up to work for Avon.

How can you make your hair beautiful without going to the beauty parlor?

buy the Avon products and you will be beautiful. I sell Avon for 30 years.