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Adult dating sites work extremely well for thousands of singles and couples who are seeking recreational sex without the romance element of mainstream dating.

Having said that, there will always be plenty of people who claim they do not work. What they really mean is, 'They do not work for me.' Our experience in running one the oldest and well established adult and swinger dating clubs in the UK, is that there are always people, especially single males with totally unrealistic expectations, who do not realise three important factors about adult dating:

  1. That they have to put some sustained effort into the process of making contact and meeting up with people.
  2. They have to market themselves in a similar way to that with which a successful jobseeker markets themselves to an employer.
  3. That their personal circumstances do not restrict their ability to meet and have fun with others.

On this last point, it never ceases to amaze us how many people who describe themself as single, turn out to be hoping to find a little time to cheat on a partner. This is not what swinging is about and it is hardly surprising that such people will find it impossible to make adult swinger dating work under such circumstances.

** Note From Experienced Online Dater**

I can tell you that the above answer is bang on, but another Very Important Factor is picking the right site, as not all dating sites are equal.

What you will find is that a large pool of "members" is shared by a lot of sites, but if you look hard enough you will find sites with real members.

As an experienced Online Dater who has had much success, I suggest

  • Try out Local Dating sites first, more likely to find people near you, go for ones that may have had some media coverage
  • Try out several sites and take the free trials, if they offer not much functionality as a free member likely is they are just after your money.
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Adult friend finder would be a great website for someone looking for a personal relationship.However there is a prevalence of men on the website.I would not recommend signing up for this site if you are trying to get a sexual partner.

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Q: Does Adultfriend Finder really work
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