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it should be one pair

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Q: Does 1 piece of shoes when buying online means 1 pair or 1 shoe?
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What factors should I consider when thinking about buying shoes online?

Buying shoes online is a very convenient way to buy shoes. However, you have to remember that you may not always be happy when the shoes get to you. There is nothing like seeing an item in person and trying on the shoes helps too.

Where can I get the best deals on dockers shoes online?

I never recomend buying used shoes but, has a great selection of last seasons shoes, this means that you have to look at the discription to make sure that they are never used shoes instead of partly used shoes. You can get the best deals on dockers shoes online at Another good website is

How cheap are Brooks ghost kids shoes?

This depends on where you are buying the shoes from. You also have to consider the size and the quality of the shoes. There's even the shipping for online purchases.

Where should I buy Road Runner shoes from, in store or online?

Road Runner shoes can be bought online from so you can browse online to get an idea of the type of shoe you would like before buying.

What online retailers carry softmoc shoes?

Softmoc shoes can be found most easily on the Softmoc website, but they can also be found on Yahoo-Shopping. If you plan on buying online, you should check out the discount codes online as well!

Beginners Guide to Buying Shoes Online?

Can't find the shoes you are looking for in stores? Buying shoes online has never been easier! People tend to hesitate thinking, "What if they don't fit?" This actually is not that big of a hassle anymore. makes it super easy to return shoes that do not fit. They pay to return the shoes, and the money is back into the purchaser's account within a week. There is also a whole year's grace period on returning shoes. Many other stores online have similar offers. So don't be afraid to order shoes online. It is easier and more convenient than it first seems!

What are the best sites to buy shoes online?

I have been buying shoes online for years. I have always purchased my shoes at Amazon until recently. About six months ago I found a website called, they have thousands of shoes, at great prices, and to top it off they have free overnight shipping.

Why is going to store better then buying online?

The only true benefit to buying from a brick and mortar rather than online is that you have access to a tangible good before purchasing, which can be especially important when purchasing goods such as shoes and clothing.

Does Spalding running shoes have any benefit?

It depends on what kind of shoe you buy. Different shoes offer different things. Some offer extra arch support, etc. While buying online is probably going to be cheaper than buying them in the store, I'd suggest going to a store anyways and trying them on. It's always good to be able to try the actual product before buying them online. When you do buy them online, make sure you are buying them from a reputable seller.

Where can I buy running shoes in large sizes for women?

If you are ok with online buying, does have many shoes of that size and type. Otherwise, Kohl's and many other stores usually carry some large shoes.

Is online shoe shopping trustworthy?

Buying shoes online can be trustworthy, but it depends on the website or platform you choose. It is important to buy from a reputable and established online retailer to ensure product quality and customer service. If you want to experience the joy of shopping online, {WeeReplica} provides you with tons of fashion options that you can buy according to your style, needs and budget.

Where is the best place to find a place online to buy Spalding running shoes?

Spalding running shoes are sold at many places online, Zappos, Amazon, as well as Spalding's official online store. However, it is best to try on running shoes before buying, so go to a store and make sure you have the right fit before ordering online.