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Detox is a nonsense term, the weed will simply leave your body in it's own time as normal. Menstruation has no impact on the drug leaving your body.

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Q: Do your period help detox from weed?
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Household Detox for weed?

Its not household but you can get niacin pills to help your system get clean quicker. I don't think their real expensive.Exercise

Do detox pills work on fake weed?

Fake weed doesn't show up on drug tests, therefore no need to detox.

How fast can cranberry juice flush weed out of your system?

It wount help at all. Drink alot of water and pee it out or detox juice.

Does champs flush out detox work forever?

Detox drinks such as Champs Flush can be used when there is enough time to use dilution cleansing. It does not work forever though. Detox drinks only work temporarily for a period of 2 to 4 hours depending on body weight and individual metabolism.

Do diet pills clean your system from weed?

No, id try detox or other cleansers

What is a detox diet and can it help me?

Detox diet is a new way to loose weight quickly and it will help you get the body youve always wanted. what detox does is targets the fats and converts it to energy.

Does smoking weed affect your period?

smoking weed does not affect your period, smoking grass might however

How can you get weed out of your body quicker?

Drink a LOT of liquids or purchase one of those body detox drinks.

How can you clean your body from weed in a couple hours?

With a detox beverage. They sell them in most places that sell pipes.

Does detox really help on probation?


where can i get help to detox from methadone at the shelby county methadone clinic?

The Shelby County Treament Center can help you with methadone detox.

Does detox tea get rid of weed?

Detox tea gets rid of toxins in the body, including the possibility of flushing out marijuana. There is no guarantee how quickly this will happen or if you can pass a drug test afterwards.