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No; you do not want your girl to sleep with another guy.

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Q: Do you want your girl to sleep with another guy?
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Does he want you or another girl?

There is no way to know if a guy wants you or another girl. The best way to find out what what a guy wants is to ask the guy.

How do you forget a guy that you love and he still have feeling for you but he has another girl?

Alcohol, sex, and a good nights sleep.

What should you do if a girl likes you but also another guy?

i am a girl i would want to say that u like me and do it b4 the other guy does

What the most important thing a girl looks for in a guy?

the important thing is when you sleep with her in your room that's is it , don't look another answer

If a guy was to sleep with another guy what would it make that guy?


What if a girl says have you heard another guy?

then the guy will tell the girl yes he has heard of another guy...

Is it right for a girlfriend to go to a school dance that your not going to with another guy?

It's ok for a girl to go to a dance with a guy but if the girl likes the guy you may want to go to the dance with her not him!!!

What if a guy kiss you but then a hour or so later he says he doesn't like you?

a guy that likes another girl and want to dump u

What do you do if you want to go out with someone who is already going out with another girl?

Wait until they break up, or find another guy.

Does a break an excuse to sleep with another guy?


Why does it look worst on a girl to sleep around then a guy to?

It comes from the time when girls could get pregnant and burden the family with another mouth to feed.

What should a guy do if a girl he likes like another guy?

Find another girl or risk getting hurt