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The answer depends on the brand of pill you're taking. If it's Ortho Tricyclen or Ortho Tricyclen Lo, you should start with the white pill. If you're taking another brand, ask your halth care provider or pharmacist.

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Q: Do you start your birth control pack with white or blue pill?
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When on birth control when you finish the blue pills and start the white are those the ones that cause your period?

The blue ones are faux pills and not taking the white ones is what starts your period. They are hormones and they tell your body not to have a period. The blue ones just keep you on track so you can have the right number of days before you start your new cycle of pills.

What the blue pills means?

sprntec is a good birth control

Does blue cross blue shield of Illinois cover birth control?

Blue Cross Blue shield of Illinois covers birth control in the state of Illinois. Since the affordable care act took place, there is a zero cost for contraceptives.

In your birth control package on the last row the first two pills are a light blue and the last five are dark blue what does that mean?

the dark blue ones mean your period is coming, or arrives with the start of the 1st dark blue pill. they have no estrogen in them.

What birth control is better clear blue or first response?

They're of approximately the same effectiveness at birth control ... none whatsoever ... since they're both pregnancy tests, not birth control devices.

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What types of birth control are usually covered by Blue Care Network?

most of them

What was the blue pill tea took on mtvs skins?

birth control. i think

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia cover birth control?

Yes, as long as your plan covers prescriptions.

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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover birth control?

It will be based off of the employer group that your insurance is through. Corporately, Blue Cross Blue Shield covers birth control, but every contract is different. Each employer group is able to select which benefits theyd like to allow & which ones theyd like to exlude.

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