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no you text them

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Q: Do you ring 50104 for free texts to any network with meteor?
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What is the number for meteor free texts?

"I Think 50104 Was theold number but im not sure what the new number is.

How do you get free texts to any network on meteor?

Just top up by £10 - £20 this is on the common networks

Is O2 simplicity unlimited texts to any network?

Yes it is free texts to any network but i don't know if it would cost if you were abroad

Why cant i send texts when i have credit and free texts?

Your network is down because your phone company is a thief and doesnt want to give you anything free.

Is windows live messenger free with meteor?

Windows live messenger is free to everyone. It has nothing to do with your mobile network.

What is the number to get free texts to any network with vodafone?

freetext the word "text" to 50223

Im with meteor if you top up by 20 euro im the middle of the month how long will you have free texts?

month from when u top up :)

What happens to your free texts if you don't use them all up per month?

it depends on the network but normally whatever texts you don't use, you lose

How can you get free sms on your mobile?

change to the 3 pay as you go network for free texts everytime you top up (depending on how much)

Is it free texting to people with the same network as you?

It all depends on the contract you have. Some like the "In" contract with Verizon Wireless allow you to send texts unlimited to anyone else within the Verizon "In" network. Others, like AT&T will charge you for texts regardless of network provider unless you buy the unlimited texting packages, in or out of network.

How do you get unlimited free texts on o2?

get a o2 free texts sim? :-).

How do you know if you went over text on a Verizon phone?

Dial #data SEND from your phone. It will send you a free text message detailing your in network and out of network texts so you can keep track.