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My iPod nano 6 generation demands a warranty repair but I lost the proof of purchase and can not do it

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Q: Do you need proof of purchase for apple to unlock your iPod?
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How do you unlock your apple i pod?


If you have and apple ipod and you dont have a combination how do you unlock it?

You have to Restore the iPod through iTunes if you don't have the combo to unlock it.

What is the unlock code for a apple iPod 30gb?


How can you fix your iPod apple id?

how to unlock a apple ipod it has a lock on it that is a 4 dight code that i dont know

What is the unlock code for an apple iPod 8gb?

There isn't. 1

Unlock code for ipod model no A1285?

apple ipod model A1285 in screen lock.plase help e a unlock passward

Does a free itunes account come with purchase of ipod from apple store?

An iTunes account is always free, whether or not you purchase an iPod from the Apple Store.

Where would it be possible to buy an apple iPod dock connector?

You can purchase an Apple iPod dock connector online from the Apple store. Alternatively, you can also purchase this item from retailers such as Amazon.

Where can one get iPod engraving done?

You can get an iPod engraving for free if you purchase the iPod from the official Apple store. If you didn't purchase it from Apple, you can get the engraving done by jewelers which perform laser engraving services.

Where can a person purchase ipod car accessories?

There are many places to purchase iPod car accessories. Since iPod is an Apple product, they can be purchased form the Apple store. Alternatively they can be purchased online on Amazon.

Unlock apple iPod?

slide bar at the bottom and you may have to enter a password

Forgot password on iPod?

Often Times you can call apple and show proof that the iPod is yours and they will reset it. If not then you are out of luck. :(