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If there is still discomfort then the answer is yes.

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Q: Do you need lube if the girl is really wet.?
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Is it normal for a girl to get really wet when turned on?

Yes it is

What are girl erections called?

The girl version of a boner is when the girl gets turned on, her crotch starts throbbing, and the vagina puffs up to a larger size so the penis can get in there. The vagina also secretes a discharge making it slippery and wet. my source is im a girl(:

How do you know if you need to lubricate a girl?

if you, or she, can not get her wet then you might need to. If you don't know what getting her wet means you don't need to be asking this question.

When a girl rides a guy and get really wet like a puddle is that normal?

no its not normal

How do you get really wet?

im a girl and i rub my clit and push and i get all wet but dont do it in bed unless you want pee sheets lol

Beautiful but dry pussyany suggestions of how you cud make it wet?

go to pha,macy and ask for lube

Is water really wet?

It certainly isn't really dry. So yes it is really wet.

Do guys like it when their girlfriend gets really really wet or is it too much?

really wet

Can rabbits get wet?

If you mean (are Rabbits aloud to get wet) then the answer is yes. They can get wet if they are really dirty and you need to give them a bath or shower. But over all they're not too keen on going in water. So only get them wet if necessary.

Is it normal for a girl to get really wet when running?

It is perfectly fine It just means you are sexually active In other words horny

What do think really happened in the hospital the night granny came to visit lob's girl?

she tooted then farted a wet bomb

Are you awkward around girls?

Yes I am. I would really like help in this catogorie. Every time I see a girl I get really really shy and I dont know what to say. Yesterday I wet my pants in front of this girl that i think is really cute. Is this normal? What can you do to help me? Is it possible that I am gay?