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not if u want to be nice to that person or thing

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Q: Do you just say hi and walk away?
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What happen with a person say to you this is so random?

you just say hi and walk away from them

How do you avoid your ex?

to avoid your ex dont be mean but just say a hello and just walk away and if his mother comes over to you say hi and walk away and hes not worth your time

What Does it Mean when you say hi to Someone and they Reply NO?

you just say,"Okay then!Be like that!" then you just walk away and talk to another friend!! :)

How do you approach a guy?

Just walk over him and say hi!

What do you do when you run into your ex-best friend?

you just ignore them and walk away but if he says hi to you say hi back don't say anything unless he or she says something first

How do you tell someone in 5th grade you like her?

you walk up to her and say, HI, I LIKE YOU. BYE. Then you turn around and walk away

Hey how do you know how to find Cam Schuster?

go up to him and say i like your name or say hi and walk away

How do you start a conversation with a guy you like?

easy. just walk up and say hi, im ..... . or if u already no him just say hi and ask whats up

How do you approach a girl if you are shy?

Just walk up to her and say hi, she probably wants you to.

When on a walk if someone says hi from far away is it enough to just wave?

No what if the person is saying hi to someone else before you do anything look behind you and see if anyone is in Front of you or behind you then say hi back or check if you know that person

Do you say hi if you walk by people?

You don't have to say "hi" when you walk by people,but if you would like to, then go ahead it's very polite to do that.

How do you ask a boy's name?

Just walk up to him with confidence and say "Hi, my name is ....., whats yours?