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For most tests, yes. But there are a few that can be taken a few days before you are supposed to start.

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Q: Do you have to wait until you miss a period before taking a pregnancy test?
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How long do you wait before taking pregnancy test?

You should wait until you have missed your period. If it is negative and you haven't gotten your period in a week, take another test.

How many days do you go with out a period until until you should take a pregnancy test?

If you've missed your period you should wait 2 weeks min until taking a HTP

Can you take a pregnancy test 2 weeks before my period?

You can, but you will get a false reading. Wait until you have missed your period.

How long do you need to wait after intercourse before taking a pregnancy test?

You should wait until your period is late to have the most accurate test results. good luck! ~pawsalmighty

Is it normal if you started taking the birth control Yasmin on the Sunday before your period and are now taking the sugar pills but don't have a period?

Your period would probably not come until your 3rd or 4th sugar pill. If you started taking the pills on the Sunday before your period did that period come?

Can you start taking birth control a week and a half before your period is set to come and if you do this will it suppress your period until you stop taking the pills?

If you want to suppress just the one period you can get specific pills from the doctor, but if you need contraception as well you can start birth control. However you will not be protected from pregnancy for about 3 weeks.

Do the pregnancy tests that you can take 5 days before your missed period work?

Not always. I would wait until you have actually missed your period before you take a test

Will taking a pregnancy test in the process of missing a period by accurate?

If it's positive, it 's accurate. If it's negative, you can't trust it until your period is a week or so late.

I have my period right now can i take a pregnancy test or do i have to wait until my period is over?

look love, having your period is natures own little pregnancy test, you don't get it if your pregnant... if you think the pregnancy is recent ie just before, during your pregnancy, you should just think of the "rythm" method...

What is the earliest time a pregnancy be detected and when can a urine test detect the pregnancy?

I think about 3 or 4 days before your expected period, however, you can get a more accurate result if you wait until you have actually missed your period.

First sex was before menstruation but regular periods for the next 6 years until this month. Can the skipped period be caused by pregnancy?

Yes, that is a possibility. One skipped period is of itself not a certain indication of pregnancy, but it's one explanation for the missed period. Consider a pregnancy test.

In what week of pregnancy can a pregnancy test be effective?

A pregnancy test can detect the pregnancy hormone 7-14 days after conception, because most women do not ovulate until two weeks before your period is supposed to start. It is useless to take a test within five days of your missed period.

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