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3 times a week is good, depending on your sentence

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Attending AAA meetings is typically recommended for individuals seeking support in maintaining sobriety, but the frequency of attendance can vary based on individual needs and circumstances. It is common for individuals in recovery to attend meetings regularly, but the exact schedule is often determined in discussion with a support network or healthcare provider.

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Q: Do you have to make AAA meetings everyday?
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How many AAA meetings are there in the US?

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How long are AAA meetings?

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AA meetings can be admissible in court. If they are court ordered or relevant to an issue or evidence, then it usually is admissible.

Are there AAA meetings for professionals?

Yes, there are AA meetings specifically for professionals, often referred to as "Professionals in Recovery" or "Physicians in Recovery." These meetings provide a specialized space for professionals to address their substance use issues within the context of their high-pressure work environments. It is recommended to contact local AA groups or treatment centers for more information on these specialized meetings.

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AA has made it very easy to get the assistance you would need from the convenience of your computer. On a daily basis AA will carry out at least 3 real-time meetings which works great for those seeking a little more anonymity when getting help.

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