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Yes, if they are real Handcuffs

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Q: Do you have to have a license to carry handcuffs?
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How do you get a license to carry handcuffs?

It is legal to possess handcuffs in all US states. It is generally legal to carry them, but if charged with another crime such as kidnapping, the handcuffs could be considered a crime tool and result in additional charges.

Can you carry handcuffs in your carry on luggage on the plane?

Handcuffs are currently not restricted by the TSA in carry on luggage. I have carried large numbers of handcuffs in a carry on bag with no problems.

Can a security officer carry handcuffs?

yes a security officer can carry handcuffs depending on his/her security agency or training but if you don't know how to use them properly or have not been trained then no you cant i have a security license in Florida and i carry them.

Can you carry handcuffs in new jersey?


Do security guards have to be certified to carry handcuffs in California?


Does a cia agent carry hand cuffs?

Yes, FBI Agents carry handcuffs.

Can a convicted felon carry handcuffs in Washington state?


How do you use word handcuffs in a sentence?

The suspect was caught trying to escape and was quickly secured with word handcuffs to prevent him from running away.

Can a security in school carry handcuffs?

Of course, you may have to detain someone.

What equipment do police carry?

Most carry a handgun, but British patrol police do not. They will carry handcuffs, a baton and a radio. They also will usually carry pepper spray, a taser, or both.

What can a unarmed security guard carry?

Depends on the definition of unarmed. Sometimes they can carry a taser, and sometimes they can't. At the very least, they have a pair of handcuffs and a radio

Can you carry a loaded gun in PA with a license?

Yes- that is the whole purpose of a concealed carry license.