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Try the Blue Book of Gun Values

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Q: Do you have info on a hibbard 22 cal. rifle model uh.?
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What year was Remington rifle 22 cal rifle made?

Depending on the model from 1890-2009, need more info.

How can you find info on the Ranger model 36 22 cal rifle?

Blue Book of Gun Values

Who has info on a sears ranger model 103.2 clip fed bolt action 22 cal rifle?

It was made by Marlin and is a pre-war version of the Model 80.

Is there a rem 650-1 22 cal' rifle?

more info is needed what is the name of gun ? The Shooters Bible has cal.22s that range from 40-XBBR KS. to Model 597.

How do you remove forend on Winchester model 190 22 cal rifle?

How do you remove the forend from a Winchester model 190 22 cal. rifle for refinishing?

Where can you find parts and info on a daisy legacy model 2202 cal 22Lr bolt action rifle?

Where can you get parts for a JCHiggings model 31 22 cal rifle at?

show me breakdown &parts for J.C. Higgins 22 cal. rifle

Rifle Winchester model 190 cal 22lr?

And your question is??

Info on model 165 22 cal longrifle i am looking for market value and age of this rifle?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all features, markings, etc..

Were can you get info about a Ted Williams model 100 cal 30-30 Win Sears Roebuck rifle?

Go to and look at the store/brand name chart.

How can you find info on the Ranger 101-16 22 cal rifle?

You can start by researching the Ranger 101-16 22 caliber rifle by checking websites like GunBroker, Armslist, or the Blue Book of Gun Values for pricing and historical information. If you're looking for specific details or manuals, contacting the manufacturer may also be helpful. Additionally, gun forums or collector groups could provide insights from owners or enthusiasts.

Value of Remington Targetmaster model 41 cal 22 rifle?

value of Remington targetmaster model 41 cal 22rifle