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hell naww

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Q: Do you get yellow teeth from smoking weed?
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What are the bad things from smoking weed?

Really the bad thing about smoking weed is that it makes your teeth yellow. Also it makes you have really bad breath I wouldn't smoke weed at all some say it's healthily.

What can smoking do to the teeth and lungs?

It would make your teeth YELLOW!!

What gets stained yellow from smoking?

teeth and fingers

Is yellow teeth caused by smoking reversable?

no and smoking is bad so you must face the consequences

Does smoking cause teeth decay?

Yes it does i had a smoking assembly at school once and they said it makes your teeth turn yellow and then later go black i seen on the smoking box to

What are Wiz Khalifa's hobbies?

Smoking weed, smoking weed, and smoking weed

Does coffee yellow teeth?

No. The most common causes of yellow teeth are drinking tea or smoking cigarettes.

Does smoking turn your teeth black?

Smoking turns the teeth a yellow-black color because of the tar that is in it.

Why do teeth stain?

Smoking and drinking coffee are the main ways, they will turn yellow if you don't brush your teeth too.

Does passive smoking produce the same health issues as smoking itself like yellow teeth breathing problems or smelly clothes?

It causes all of the same health problems except for yellow teeth. smoking not only causes harm to you but it harms those around you.

What could you get from smoking?

Lung cancer, skin cancer, yellow hair, yellow teeth, a funeral... Must I go on?

Would smoking weed in a vaporizer help after wisdom teeth removal?

dont! it gave me dry socket! ouch!