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If you have a normal average menstrual cycle of say 28 days then you ovulate around the middle of the menstrual cycle which wil be 14 days after the first day of your menstrual bleeding. keeping in mind that sperm can live for 4 days inside the woman's reproductive organs you will have to allow at least 4 days before the 14th day. in other words if you dont want to get pregnant definitely dont have unprotected sex on or after the 10th day after menstrual bleeding begins through to the 17Th day. This wil make you safer but there is no guarantee that something may be a it out of sync at times.

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Q: Do you get pregnant if you got sex at seven day of your menstruation?
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While menstruation might co-occur during early pregnancy, it is very rare. So you should consider that if you do have your period, you are not pregnant.

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when i got pregnant my boyfriend and i fled to Glasgow. actually it was Sunday night and he could not resist his emotions. actually even i wanted to taste him. it was beautiful

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It's a normal thing for every female. But some get irregular menstruation which means she might have a problem in her reproductive system which should be checked by a doctor. Why do you get menstruation? It's a sign which means you are ready to be pregnant. And it happens when a girl becomes mature and got through puberty except menstruation.

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Congratulations!! The day you got pregnant would be sometime in December.

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If you're asking this question then you shouldn't be having sex. Obviously if you're menstruating you cannot be pregnant, menstruation will only occur if you didn't fall pregnant.

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My friend got pregnant on her period so i would say yes

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yes ma'am

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it may not tell you what day you have got pregnant