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Scientists say the average 35 year old female will burn 46 calories an hour sitting at a desk, whereas the same female would burn 50 calories per hour sleeping. The numbers vary depending on your sex, weight, age, height and metabolic rate. But the numbers are fairly similar. Hope this helps.

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Q: Do you burn the same amount of calories while sitting at a desk as you might while asleep?
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Do you lose calories just sitting?

Yes. You might burn 64 calories per hour just sitting.

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What is the normal calorie consumption of a healthy adult?

It depends entirely on the amount of calories they burn. Different occupations and lifestyles burn calories at different rates. If you're sedentay, you might not be able to burn much over 1000 calories. If you're active you might burn several thousand calories.

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The typical amount of calories you can burn when doing 30 minutes on a treadmill is about 500 calories. The daily calorie intake is based on body weight, so you might need to double this time based on your body weight.

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