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While you do not have PMS while pregnant, you might experience PMS-like symptoms like mood swings.

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Q: Do you PMS when you are pregnant?
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Can a girl have he PMS and be pregnant?

You can have symptoms that are similar to PMS and still be pregnant.

If you have no symptoms of pms or pregnancy could you still be pregnant?


Is it possible to have PMS symptoms but no period to follow?

some people experince pms or signs of there period without getting it after....this can mean that you are pregnant.

Could you be experiencing premenstrual asthma symptoms but still be pregnant?

You can experience PMS symptoms and be pregnant yes. But if you get your period then you aren't pregnant.

If a girl is experiencing a menstruation symptoms she can be pregnant?

Could be, most likely it is PMS.

Do you still get pms if pregnant?

Technically no. You'll get lots of other things though.

Can you get pregnant on your pms?

Yes you can. You may get pregnant at any time of the cycle. However, the highest risk for pregnancy is on day 14; the day of ovulation.

Your breasts are sore and swollen this is not a normal pms symptom for you so What is going on?

It very well could be that you are pregnant.

Can you still experience pms and be pregnant?

it is common for women to still get their menstrual period their first trimester of pregnancy.

If you have PMS does that mean you have to have your period My period is 1 day late and i had PMS but does having PMS mean that i cant be pregnant?

Early pregnancy symptoms can mimic PMS, including fatigue, mood changes and breast tenderness. Cramping can accopany implantation of the embryo. Feeling these things does not necessarily mean that you are going to have a period. Wait for your period, or buy some early accuracy home pregnancy tests.

You are not pregnant but your nipples hurt only when touched by your partner?

Nipple soreness can also be a PMS symptom. It doesn't always happen if you are pregnant, it could happen before you have your period as well.

What are the PMS colors for the NBA logo?

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