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Girls are the sexy girls even black girls and today i touch a girl legs and she like it and i did it so long she didn't care if i touch her leg one day we might have sex

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Q: Do women like to sit on men's faces?
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Women can sit on the toilets in a mens' bathroom the same as they do in a womens' bathroom.

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I don't think women in general like to sit on pianos, they sit on them simply to add a dramatic (and/or a seductive) effect (usually) while singing and while a man plays on the piano.

How do women go to the bathroom?

Just like a male does only they sit down. Why do they sit down instead of standing up like a man does?

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it either means he likes you and wants you to sit next to you so you too can chat or it means his ex friend is going to sit there and he doesnt want him too...but im pretty sure its he likes u

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Before the advent of women's liberation and such it was not considered proper for ladies to wears mens pants or to ride astride so ladies rode sidesaddle. They could still do the nessesary things on horseback but they did not sit astride.

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They weren't respected. They were segregated. They had to sit in the back of the bus.

What does that mean if the guy you like faces you to sit in class twice and always stares at you till you look back?

It can mean that he likes you back.but i scared to tell u

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Yes it is good for a pregnent women to sit bt she should not sit for a long time..........

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