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Personal preference really, most would not hate a fat butt on a guy.

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Q: Do women hate men with a fat butt?
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Why does everyone hate fat women but say nothing about fat men?

because their dumb!

What is the hardest body part for fat reduction?

For men, the hardest place to lose fat is the sides and lower abs. For women, it is the butt and thighs.

What do men hate in a woman?

Men hate that women are smarter then them!

Why does men have a but?

If they didn't, then what would they sit on? Then women would not be able to say that men have any fat because without a butt, they'd be skin, bones, and blood!

Why do women hate other women?

For the same reasons men hate women and other men.We don't kill as many of the people we hate as men do, though.

Do repressed gay men hate women?

No, they generally do not hate women at all.

What are the release dates for Take Five - 1987 Men Who Hate Men Who Hate Women 1-6?

Take Five - 1987 Men Who Hate Men Who Hate Women 1-6 was released on: USA: 1987

Who likes fat men?

fat women..!!

Does women hate hair on men backs?

It depends on the girl or women's preference of men

If your butt jiggels when you shake it does that mean you have a butt?

It means that she has some fat on her butt. But do not hate it! Lots of men love a girl with some junk in the trunk! Just make sure it is a good size (by this I mean that you don't wear a size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXL). Totally. Girls that have fat on their asses usually have pretty hot behinds- and jiggly asses are hot. But if it's TOO jiggly, then ewww.

Do men like women big butt?

Some Men do and some don't

Why do men often show their butt crack?

Men who usually show their butt crack are those who enjoy women's butt crack. So most of the men who are showing thinking women would enjoy it too and the remaining minority, they just dont care whats happening down there.