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Women's hips develop during puberty (ie as a teenager)

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Q: Do women grow hips after pregnancy or before pregnancy?
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Is it normal to have sore hips in pregnancy?

Many women have sore hips during pregnancy because of the weight they are carrying or because of the baby pressing down on the hips.

Why are many older women heavy in weight?

i think older women are heavier in weight is because as kids grow into women there hips, arms, and legs start to grow bigger even there head and hair

How much does a girls hips grow in puberty?

It depends on the individual. Some will only grow a few inches, while other women will get very large hips. A lot of it depends on genetics, body type, and weight.

Can pregnancy is possible of hips?

The question is quite a conundrum in itself. however it is not possible for your hips to be pregnant. If that was the query.

Where is a women's waistline?

on her hips

Are there some herbal medicines which are like creams and are applied to the hips to stimulate fats on the hips and help the hips to grow?

Only eating more will make your hips grow if you are underweight. Your body shape is determined by your genes. Don't waste your money.

How can you make your hips larger?

You can exercise and make your hips grow more muscles. Eat a diet with enough protein to help the muscles grow.

Do men like women's hips?

I dont know why not If they like you they would like your hips.

Where do rose hips grow?

They sometimes grow around beaches.

What does a tattoo on the hips on a women symbolize?

that you can hit it.

Do women's hips widen after childbirth?

Yes they do.

Do hairs grow between hips in boys?