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It depends you guys is there a GCP in your state.

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Q: Do triband phones work in America?
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Does Triband mobile phones work in Australia?

Yes, triband phones do work in Australia.

Do Triband mobile phones work in Hong Kong?

yes they do

What do you think about tri-band cell phone is it good?

There are many excellent triband cell phones. However, depending on your service carrier, a triban phone will not work in all places. Most Triband phones do not have the 850 MHZ frequency, which AT&T uses in many areas in the USA.Therefore, a quadband phone would be a better choice if you want to make sure your phone will work everywhere in the world.

Will your Australian telephone work on the US telephone network?

yes if you have a triband but most people have them so yes

Are galaxy s3 triband phones?

The Galaxy S3 is considered a Tri-band phone running on a 1.4 GHz Quad-core processor. It also supports HSDPA and 4G as well.

How do you triband Samsung f210?

what is the question

Is my Nokia C1-01 triband?


Is your Nokia C1 01 triband?


Do you need a triband phone in UK?

It depends - on whether you plan to take your phone from the UK to another country (on holiday for example.) Phones sold in the UK are designed for the UK mobile networks - however - most of the phones manufactured in the last five years will be tri-band anyway.

What Samsung phones work in America?

Samsung phones that can support GSM 850/1900/ 3G 1700/2100 are the ones that will work in America. Also, make sure that the phone is already unlocked so you can just insert any American GSM SIM cards.

Will the Sony Ericsson phone W350 with triband 90018001900 work in the US?

Yes, it works. I have one W350i too, and have tried it in US, is works pretty well!

Is philippine-made cell phone myphone a quadband?

Some triband.