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Yes, they sell fake glasses at Walmart.

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โˆ™ 2015-01-18 23:30:38
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Q: Do they sell fake glasses at Walmart?
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Does target sell fake glasses?

no they dont. they might sell them at wallmart

Does target and walmart sell nerd glasses?

yes they do!

What webkinz do you sell at hallmart?

hallmart or walmart? If your talking about walmart I heard the webkinz are fake there.

Does Walmart have good deals on glasses?

Walmart does sell good quality reading glasses. They are also often available at very good prices.

Does the dollar general sell fake glasses?

No Dollar General dosn't sell fake glasses only like reading glasses and if you get reading glasses and you see a book and the letters look bigger then it can really damage your eyes and make you blind so dont get them only if you need them .......................

Is walmart com safe?

Of course it is safe, it is a registered company that will not sell you fake things

Does rite aid sell fake glasses?

No they do not but go t art they have good stuff and they are cheap

Does Walmart sell fake skateboards?

Not necessarily "fake" but cheap made, yes. They use plastic trucks, fake metal, and thick wood with no con-cave

I am not able to get my fireplace to work. Do you know if Walmart sells the fake heat logs?

Yes, Walmart does indeed sell fake heat logs. However, the availability of the item differs from location to location.

Where can you get fake glasses?

they sell them at Claire's or eBay and maybe at primark is always good and cheap. good luck :)

Can you buy fake braces at Walmart?

no you cannot by fake braces at walmart

How much is it to get fake nails on you at Walmart?

How much is it to get fake nails on at Walmart

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