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If you can find a custom maker, maybe, otherwise, no

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Q: Do they make a 22-250 semi auto or 17 hmr semi auto?
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Do any gun manufacturers make a 17 caliber center fire pistol?

Ruger makes the New Model Single Six in .17 HMR, Taurus makes the 17SS6 in .17 HMR, the S&W 647 is available in .17 HMR, the Taurus Tracker can be had in .17 HMR, Alexander Arms and Excel Arms both make semi auto .17 HMR pistols,

Anyone have any experience with the magnum research 10-22 type gun in 17hmr?

The semi-auto .17 HMR has been recalled. 17 HMR ammo has been found to be incompatible with semi-auto firearms. See the link below for the recall.

Does browning make a 17 hmr in their low wall?


What does hmr mean for 17 hmr?

hornady magnum rimfire

What is a browning 12 gauge semi auto 3 magnum worth?

looking at one Sunday asking 800 but willing to go down to 500 if we trade a 17 hmr savage w/ thumbhole this one is collectible w/ hard leather case shot only one box of shells

Where can you buy a .17 cal mach2 automatic rifle?

You will need to find a dealer to order a rifle for you, or check an on-line gun auction (will still need to be shipped to a dealer). While most of these are bolt actions, Marlin made a semi auto (Mdl 717), Ruger has a conversion for the 10-22, and other firms made them as well. The .17 HMR (different from the .17 Mach 2) is not currently made in a semi auto. Those on the market have been withdrawn over safety concerns.

Is CCI 17hmr centerfire or rimfire?

.17 HMR is a rimfire cartridge. The HMR stands for "Hornady Magnum Rimfire"

Where can one purchase HMR shakes?

Health management resource products can be purchased off the Internet. There is an official HMR site called the HMR program and a range of shakes and bars can be purchased.

What are some brands of automotive software?

HMR Systems, Autosar, Microsoft Auto, and VinSolutions are all brands of automotive software. The software from these companies is utilized in various areas of the automotive industry.

.17 hmr RIFLE BE reloaded at home?


Can marlin 795 use HMR bullets?


What year was your marlin 17 hmr made?