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Yes. They are great names on there own, but together they are amazing. Arianna is a really nice name and so is jacob.

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Q: Do the names Jacob and Ariana sound like a good couple?
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Do the names Jacob and Ariana sound like a good sex couple?

yes. sounds exotic

Do the names Aiden and Sophia sound like a good couple?

no it doesn't but being a couple shouldn't rely on names

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The names sound good together. But he will break up with you for another girl. Trust me it will be your worst day ever.

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Jacob's Sound was created in 2003.

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The sound of two names together should never make you think should we be a couple. A couple are together because they have feelings for each other and not how their names sound side by side.examples :-Anthony and CleopatraRomeo and Julietthese people were not together cause their names soundedcute it was because they loved each other.King Edward VIII and Wallis SimpsonAnnie Oakley and Frank ButlerPocahontas and John Smithnone of these names sound cute but their feelings were just the same.

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Yes they sound like a good couple

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Yes, of course they could. But the names are not what is important, it's the personalities that matter. If their personalities don't match, then it doesn't matter how adorable a couple's names sound together, they as a couple won't work.Just a thought ;D

Do Jeannie and Gage sound like a good couple?

Yes they do. These two names were meant to be with each other!

Does David and Laura sound like a good couple?

Well it shouldn't matter if the names sound good it sholud how you like the person and how you feel about the person.

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Jacob's Sound - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG-13

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First, Bella starts out as the narrator in Breaking Dawn. Then, Jacob is the narrator for a couple chapters and makes him sound really obnoxious. Then, to finish up the rest of the book, Bella narrates.

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Ye mate! sound as a pound!