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Not on their first meeting as they asked " are we addressing Mr Marley or Mr Scrooge"

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Q: Do the do-gooders know scrooge
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How does Scrooge know the Cratchit family?

The father, Bob Cratchit, works for Mr. Scrooge.

Where was Scrooge when Marley died?

There was not enough information from the book to know.

Would like to know where i can buy ebbie Scrooge DVD?

You can get it at amazon or

Why is the ghost of Christmas present a stanger to Scrooge?

Because he had not celebrated Christmas for a considerable time Scrooge didn't know what Christmas was to look like or how to celebrate it and had forgotten why the Day was celebarated

What question did Scrooge ask the ghost as they stood among the graves?

He wanted to know whose name was on the tombstone. ____ Scrooge asked, "Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of the things that May be, only?"

Is Scrooge cool?

He certainly is based on how well we know him over a 100 years later

How do we know scrooge looked down at the US?

He didnt. There is no reference to the USA in the original format

What is Scrooge's first name in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge's first name is Ebenezer.

Why is the Ghost of Christmas Present a stranger to Scrooge?

The Ghost of Christmas Present is a stranger to Scrooge because he represents the present moment, which Scrooge has been disconnected from due to his focus on the past and future. The ghost's role is to show Scrooge what he is missing by ignoring the joy and goodwill around him in the present.

What is Mr Scrooge's first name?

Ebenezer Scrooge was his full name.

Who was waiting for Scrooge in the next room?

The Ghost of Christmas Present was waiting for Scrooge in the next room. The ghost showed Scrooge scenes of Christmas celebrations and highlighted the spirit of giving and goodwill.

What is the name of scrooge's father?

Scrooge's father's name is Ebenezer Scrooge Sr.