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well i suppose they might like it because it makes you look better and stuff, but if they really love you they won't mind

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Q: Do teenage boys like it if girls paint their nails and put on lipgloss and that kind of stuff?
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How do you get a girl to paint a boys nails?

ask him if he wants his nails painted if that does not work paint them in the midlle of the night.- - - - -I think the person asking this is a boy who wants a girl to paint his nails...and asking girls to polish your nails usually works.

Do teenage boys notice if you have makeup on or paint your nails or get your hair done?

no but its nice to make an effort and they notice that

What can two girls do for a sleep over?

paint nails and blaind makeovers

Does Justin bieber like girls who paint there nails?

I think so!

What percent of girls paint their nails?

Most of the girls in 8th grade at my school do. I know i did. I'd say close to 80%, but they don't wear a lot. just a little mascara, blush and lipgloss. Maybe a little eyeliner, but not a lot.....unless they're a certain type of girl if you know what i mean* wink wink*

What color to paint a five year old girls nails?

Bright pink is cute :)

What is a American polish for your nails?

this is a substance that u paint on Ur nails to either strengthen or just for style's. this substance is mostly used by girls.

Does Angelina Ballerina paint her nails?

She does not paint her nail because she is not allowed to paint her nails and you should not paint your nails if you are under 12.

Did Jesus paint his nails?

No, Jesus did not paint His nails.

Can guys paint there nails and still look attractive to girls?

This is not attractive at ALL to most girls. It makes you look feminine or girlie.

Can you paint your nails?

no you polish your nails

How do you paint boys nails?

u just paint them like girl nails