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Some people do, some people don't.

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Q: Do some people not wrap presents from Santa?
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Does Santa wrap the gifts he gives?

The answer to this question is both. Santa's elves have been known to enjoy decorating and at times Santa will have them wrap gifts for him. However, this will also vary on the size of the gift. Sometimes presents are much too large to be wrapped. It is also important to note that the closer Christmas comes, the less time they are able to spend on decorating. They all have a very hefty schedule to attend to!

Who helps santa wrap presents?

While there are many conflicting reports, many people think the job of wrapping millions of presents for all the good boys and girls of the world is done by Santa's elves.

Will santa wrap you?

Santa usually only wraps presents, not people. If you are being adopted on Christmas though, Santa might bring you a bow for the top of your head, since you would be a gift to your new family. :)

Why do you have to wrap presents?

It is not required that you wrap presents, but many people like to wrap presents so the receiver of the gift won't know what it is until they open it up. People love to see others open their gifts in excitement.

Why do elves help Santa?

Because they enjoy it. Santa needs help to create & wrap presents. thats why he has 1000 elves. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Can you list the elf jobs at the north pole?

Some common elf jobs at the North Pole include toy making, gift wrapping, reindeer grooming, cookie baking, and workshop organizing. Elves also help Santa Claus with his correspondence, maintain the sleigh, and oversee the naughty and nice list.

What does Santa polar bears and penguins do for a living?

well santa delivers presents, polar bears they drink coca-cola while penguins wrap gifts.

Do you have to wrap presents for Father's Day?

You do not have to wrap presents for Father's Day, but it is nice if you do.

What did the Victorians use to wrap presents?

They used old newspaper to wrap presents in.

What is the name of Santa's sleigh?

It has a name, it is just called the gay sleigh.

Does santa wrap the gifts?

the elves and you need to read a Christmas book to find out more about santa

Did people wrap presents in newspaper in colonial times?

they couldn't afford wrapping paper