Do snakes have periods

Updated: 9/27/2023
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As far as I know, only mammals experience menstruation. Snakes are reptiles, ergo, no period. Like birds, reptiles lay eggs and to my knowledge (although I am not an expert), anything that lays eggs and does not give live birth would not menstruate. Also, reptiles are cold-blooded, so their blood flow is not conducive to such a 'phenomenon' as menstruation.

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Q: Do snakes have periods
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water snakes and land snakes are practically the same. many land snakes are even partitially aquatic. however, in the case of sea snakes, they have flattened tails used as propellers in the water, and massive lungs to hold their breath for long periods. also, sea snakes have much more potent venom then land snakes but are much less aggresive

Do seas-snakes breathe?

All sea snakes must rise to the surface to breathe occasionally, although some can remain underwater for long periods by absorbing oxygen from swallowed water.

How long does a night snake live?

Sometimes it seems as though animals can live for long periods of time. Snakes on average live 10-25 years depending on their diet, environment, and if they are in captivity or not.

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Snakes of the subfamily Natricinae are usually regarded as water snakes.

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No snakes are herbivores.

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