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No they do not.

No faster, or slower than others.

Everyone matures at their own pace due to; genetics, what they eat, and the people they are around,

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Q: Do redhead boys mature slower than others?
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Everyone is different in the way that they develop. Some boys mature faster/slower than others.

Do some boys mature faster than others?

Yes, some boys do mature faster than others. Part of it has to do with the boy's family life, and part of it has to do with personality. People don't mature at the same rate. Personally I have known several boys who's maturity level is higher than both the boys and girls their age.

If you are 7 in women what are you in boys?

Boys mature 3-5 years slower than women, that's why girls should marry older men, not younger.

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the boys mature slower

Are redhead boys or girls naturally irresistible and attractive?


Why are boys so immature when it comes to girls?

Because they are affraid you won't like them. Boys mature slower than girls. The average boy matures at the age of 16-19. Sadly to say, girls mature at 14-18. So nature has been mean to us.

On the average boys reach physical and sexual maturity earlier than girls?

Quite the opposite, boys mature much slower than girls. That's why girls usually date older men.

Why does your boyfriend still act immature?

Boys kinda mature slower than us girls. It happens to every girlfriend once in awhile. But dont get your hopes down, the'll mature when the grow chest hair!!! j/k. But they really will!

How come boys are so immature in the fourth grade?

Y boy r so immature in 4th grade because unlike girl boys mature slower then girls at that point in time. So that's y all girls act mature and also girls are going there a hormonal change in there bodies as well unlike the boys that go thoth that at a later time in life.

Are girls more mature than boys?

yes.girls do mature way faster then boys. girls mature between 18,19,or 20.i think boys mature when they are like 26 or close to their 30's. I dont think so and im a girl boys just dont mature faster. My sister is in 8th grade and all the boys there are immature and she and all her friends are mature.

Are boys better children than girls?

well... girls are more mature than boys and are always sensible but boys are more mature when there about 13

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