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potato chips cause

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Q: Do potato chips cause constipation
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Is it okay to eat potato chips with milk?

No. Potato chips with milk (any brand) can cause or anybody else to throw up.

Where does potato chips come from?

Potato chips were invented in Louisiana in 1853.

Why is eating potato chips bad for you?

Well, potato chips are deep fried in fat and oil that can cause weight gain and obesity if eaten too much. Once you eat potato chips the first time, you will get addicted and you will want to eat more and more, which will make you fat. In other cases, potato chips consuming has lead to fevers and sore throats.

Do potato chips cause sore throats?

Yes. Potato chips are dry, hard, and very greasy in content, and as a result will lead to a dry or sore throat if consumed.

Are potato chips good for you?

Not at all because potato chips are loaded with calories and fats. Generally, potato chips can make you gain weight easily and might cause obesity if eaten too much.

Why are chips called chips not potato chunks?

because they are little chips of the potato not big chunks

Why are potato chips called chips?

because they are "chips" off the potato. like a wood chip.



When was Sterzing's potato chips created?

Sterzing's potato chips was created in 1935.

Can potato chips run on cars?

Potato chips can't run at all.

Why are low-fat potato chips different from regular potato chips?

The low fat have less calories from fat than regular potato chips.

Why do potato chips get stale when you leave the bag open?

When potato chips are cooked, they are fried and have gotten rid of all moisture. When potato chips are left opened the moisture in the air is absorbed by the chips.