Do people like large breasts

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some guys and girls do.

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I do because why not I play with my girlfriend's breasts.

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Q: Do people like large breasts
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What are the release dates for True Life - 1998 I Don't Like My Large Breasts?

True Life - 1998 I Don't Like My Large Breasts was released on: USA: 2009

Do guys like to admire large breasts?

Not every guy likes large breasts on females. Each male has their own likes with the female body. Some men may prefer women with small breasts while others may not like breasts at all.

How large are Carol Kirkwood's breasts?

They felt like a 40DD to me.... ;-p

Are 34AA breasts large for a 10yr old girl?

there huge and id like to tap that

Should you wear a string bikini to the beach with your boyfriend or will one of your breasts pop out since you have large a cupped breasts?

wear it maybe he willl like it if it pops?

What is the proper medical definition for large breast?

Megalomastia is a medical term meaning abnormally large breasts. Hypermastia may also mean large breasts, or may mean more than two breasts.

Do men like tiny breasts?

Yes, but then again i love large and small, they both have their positives and negatives

What does cochangas mean?

Large breasts

My mom told me recently that when she checked on me when you were sleeping you had the covers off and she said she was shocked how large your breasts were and she said that your breasts are large?


Do girls want to have large breasts?

They usually want medium-sized breasts. They don't want to be flat-chested, nor do they want breasts so large that they are made fun of or objectified.

How big are 38K size breasts?

Size K breasts would be very large.

Is breasts important in sex?

Different people have different preferences. I would prefer someone good looking personally. But some guys/girls would prefer women with large breasts.