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skinny people don't have a bigger penis but because they're skinny it looks bigger. weight has noting at all to do with size of penis, although taller people usually have larger penis.

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Q: Do overweight people have a smaller penis than skinny people?
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Do skinny people have big dicks?

There is no relationship between overall size and penis size. A skinny guy may have an average size penis but since it is on a smaller body, it may appear larger than it really is.

If you are overweight will your penis stop growing?

Not necessarily. Often, the extra pad of fat over the pubic area can cause the penis to look smaller than it truly is because the penis is "buried".

What soda makes your penis smaller?

No it does not change the size of your penis

I am 18 and i have arm pit hair lots of facial hair and i am not overweight but not skinny either but my penis it'nt big my balls are not adult size my penis head is not adult sizeam i a late bloomer?

Different people develop at different speeds. The same is true of different parts of the body. You are not done growing yet and in a few years you will find that things have turned out OK

How can you safely make your penis grow?

A boy's penis develops/grow's with him, but quicker during Puberty due to increased hormones. It continues to grow right through puberty and beyond, but stops at around 20-years-old. After this the penis grow's no more. Because the penis does not have growth muscles or bone it cannot grow any larger once normal body growth has finished. A penis and testicles can shrink and enlarge due to body temperature. This is not a permanent fixture but perfectly normal and healthy. During cold weather the penis shrinks towards the torso and during hot weather it expands away. This is it's way of regulating the best temperature.

What kind of condom should be used for a skinny penis?

A vice.

Does skinny jeans make your penis shrink?

i wear them and its not shrunken

What is wrong when your penis gets skinny in the middle?

no, that's normal.

Do skinny jeans prevent penis growth?

That's not true

What does it mean when your penis is not fat?

It means that you have a skinny penis, also known as a lollipop wiener or pencil dick.

If a teenage boy is overweight does his penis tend to be hidden in fat?

Generally 1 inch for every 30 pounds overweight.