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not really. they should get lighter in color but that's about it

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Q: Do nipples go back to normal after pregnancy?
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Do your nipples go back to normal size after pregnancy?

Some women will go back to pre pregnancy size and color, others stay larger but seldom as large as they were during pregnancy.

How long after pregnancy does it take for your nipples to go back to normal?

Sorry to say but the nipples will never go back to look like they did before pregnancy and breastfeeding. Every woman's body is different when it come to pre-pregnancy and post pregnancy, however, my sisters went back to "normal" about 4 months after. Mine still hasn't yet, but i'm barely 2 months post. I'll update in 2 more months.

Do all women's nipples get bigger during pregnancy If so will they go back to normal size after the baby is born?

No, some stay the same size during and after pregnancy.

After heat do a dogs nipples go back to normal?

do dogs tits go back to normal after heat

Do supernumerary nipples enlarge with puberty?

Yes they do, but they will go back to normal (well an adult version of normal) before puberty is over.

Does a dogs nipples go back to normal after pregnancy?

For most dogs pregnancy is required, but some dogs will have large nipples due to false pregnancies. The dog isn't going to have puppies, but her body thinks it is. Two of our great danes have done this before they were spayed. One ended up with very large nipples, looking like she had birthed many pups.

In 4 months of pregnancy you found clear liquids from your nipples but when its come together with a little of blood and white liquid like milk recently is that normal?

Breast go through a series of changes during pregnancy. It is normal to experience liquid secretion durnig pregnancy. It begins with clear fluid and develops milk.

Is it a symptom of pregnancy if your breasts go tight and brown around the nipples?

It could be.

How dark does gets the breast while you're pregnant?

Sometimes your nipples will get darker during pregnancy. This is caused by hormones. Your nipples will go back to their original color once the baby is born.

When do breasts go back to normal size if not breast feeding?

Pregnancy will cause breast changes, they may not ever go back to "normal" or pre pregnancy size. And they will never be pre-pregnancy shape. Many people assume breastfeeding causes the breasts to sag which is completely false. It is preganancy, age, heredity and weight loss/gain.

You did not have a period in September and then in oct it was iirregular and your nipples are in pain?

Sounds like a pregnancy. Go see your doctor.

Does teen age girls get milk in their nipples?

No. Milk is only produced after pregnancy. If there is something go see the doctor.