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No, most pregnancies do not start out as twins. When the ovaries release two eggs and both are fertilized then will twins be born (fraternal/nonidentical twins). Or a fertilized egg may divide before implantation resulting in identical twins.

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Q: Do most pregnancies start out as twins?
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What happends if after four months of a twins pregnancy one twin dies?

if you are 4 months along then the baby will still be born, it will just not be alive when it comes out. Although most pregnancies are twins when they first start out, usually one of the two babies die.

What are three different types of multiple pregnancies?

Identical twins, fraternal twins and semi- indentical

When is Hyperemesis usually seen?

Hyperemesis is seen more often in first pregnancies and multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, etc.)

My mother miscarried twins do i chance at having twins?

maybe. most pregnancies start out as twins very early on, but one dies right away. The stronger one lives. so I guess it depends how far along in the pregnancy your mother was. twins do run in families. are there other twins in your family? aunts, uncles, grandparents? that would make your chances of twins higher. Twins run on my aunts side i figured it wouldn't affect me.

What is normal time gap between two pregnancies for camel?

seconds to minutes if there are twins.

How many offspring does a horse birth?

Usually one, occasionally two although twin pregnancies generally abort before birth or one foal is dead at birth or dies shortly after birth. Often both twins die. Successful twins are rare. Most breeders use techniques to prevent twin pregnancies.

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What percentage of babies are born as twins?

The percentage of twins are born at a rate of 3.22 per 1000 pregnancies. These are bases on a statistical study from 2007 and the percentage has been unchanged from 2005 and 2006.

Does heartburn needs to occur at all times when pregnant?

I have had two pregnancies including a set of twins and had heartburn with neither. I have a friend who has got through a bottle of Gaviscon a week from 16 weeks with all four of her pregnancies. It depends.

Did the Minnesota Twins start in 1961?

Yes, the Twins were founded in 1961.

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When does your navel start to poke out during pregnancy?

For many woman it does, it did for me, but not in all of my pregnancies.

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