Do more men or women cheat?

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women for sure!


Really us, women? gosh I better recheck the survey..

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Q: Do more men or women cheat?
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Do men or women cheat more in relationship?

It is a fact that men cheat more.

Does men or women cheat more?


Who is more likely to cheat women or men?


Do men cheat more than women?

ANSWER:Yes they do, 65% are the percentage of men who cheat, and only 45% of women.

Why do women sometimes cheat?

Women do not always cheat. Men cheat more than women it is a true fact look it up!!!!

Who cheat more men or women?

surveys show that women are now cheating more.

Why men get angry when there women cheat on them but when they cheat on there ladythey want forgiveness?

Men want forgiveness when they cheat on women because women are angry at them for their cheating. This is the same as women who cheat and also want forgiveness from the men who are angry with them for cheating on the men.

Why are men more likely to cheat than women?

They're not. Studies have shown that women are just as likely to cheat on men as men are on women, they each have their own reasons though. Men usually do it just for physical gratification and women do it for emotional reasons like lack of attention or abuse. Also, most cases that are publically known are cases where men cheat on women.

Is it true that there are more men available than women in the US?

sorry, but guys cheat more than women do that's how we got good at cheat spoting!

Can women cheat?

Yes. Women can cheat just like men can.

Do gay men cheat more than straight men?

Don't really know being neither but my experience leads me to believe they cheat equally, and men cheat a little more that women. Any one disagree?

Do jamaican men cheat on their women?

No matter what country it is some men cheat on their wife or girlfriend and with the exception of a few countries women can also cheat on men. So yes, some Jamaican men do cheat.

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