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Of course not!

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Q: Do menthol cigarettes make you spit up blood?
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Could someone elses spit on your lip make it into your mouth and give you hiv?

The answer would be no. If the person spit blood into your mouth and you had a sore then YES. Spit will not give you HIV.

Is there camel spit in camel cigarettes?

No there isn't its just the name of the cigarrete

Am I pregnant if I spit blood up?

If you spit up blood you need medical treatment as soon as possible.

Why is it unwise to use your blood or spit when making microscopic slides?

because blood/spit contains cells

How does the damage done by spit tobacco differ from the damage caused by smoking cigarettes?

the smell

How do horned lizards spit blood out of there eyes?

They spit blood out there eyes by putting their eyes behind their head and use heat to draw blood out their eyes.

Do you spit blood if you have Swine Flu?


You spit up blood every morning should you worry?

Yes, go to the doctor and he will tell you what to do next. Spitting blood is a problem.

Do Mosquitos spit to keep your blood from clotting?

You can call it that. Actually they excrete a chemical into the hole they make with a type of blood thinner. This is what makes the bite itchy.

When you brush your tongue you spit out blood?


What are lguanas who spit blood?

There are no Iguanas that 'spit blood'. I think you're referring to the horned lizard - which, as a defence mechanism, has the ability to rupture the blood vessels at the corner of its eyes - shooting a stream of blood at an attacker.

Do vampires spit blood?

If there was blood in the mouth, they would probably spit it out if they didn't want it. They wouldn't do so for any other reason in common legend.