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I have cousins who have had a terrible relationship with their mother. Actually, they had no relationship with their mother, she walked out when they were all too young.

Different people react to things in different ways. However, it is most likely that when a child suffers any kind of abuse as a child, whether it is physically or emotionally, most of them end up to be abusive to their children unless they seek help.

Back to my cousins, one of them is great with women, and has no hard feelings about the matter. He was able to realize that not all women are bad, and everyone deserves a chance.

However, the other one hasn't grasped that point yet. Some do not get over the fact. They saw their highest female role model leave them and turn out to be a terrible person, so they end up believing all women are like that. This is highly possible if the problem occured when the children are young.

This is my point of veiw, it is almost a 75% chance they will be bad partners. But still, there is a 25% chance they aren't! Hope this helps,


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Q: Do men with bad relatonsnips with their mothers make bad partners?
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