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  • No, not all married men cheat while out of a town, but some do. It's a gamble for the women associated with men who are out of town a lot that they will not cheat.
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Q: Do married men cheat when working out of town?
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How many married men cheat?

ANSWER:In scale of 1=10, 65% of married men cheat.

Why do men cheat with their wife best friend?

Men and women have sexual desires. Most can control their desires after they get married. Some cannot. There are married women who cheat, just as there are married men who cheat. Cheating is the exception. Most married people are faithful to their mate.

Will men who cheat with married women cheat when they get married?

Most likely, once a cheater, always a cheater.

How many married men don't cheat-?

There is no way to have an exact number as to how many married men don't cheat. In order to know how many men do and do not cheat, all cheating men would have to admit to it and that does not happen. Estimates range from 25% to 75% are unfaithful, and of course these numbers would vary widely between countries. The best answer might be around 80% of men do not cheat.

Why do they say all the good men are married and taken if most of them also cheat?

A contradiction in terms. If they also cheat, they aren't all that good as "men". Many, probably most men, do not cheat - and admittedly, even fewer wives do. I completely agree with the answer above

Why do married men cheat with their ex?

ANSWER:There are some married men that do, but not all. Lets talk about who does and why, realizing the mistakes that he did, and finding out that he had to loose her to know that his ex is the one. Lots of married men that end up being divorce do regret what they did..

When did Aphrodite cheat on her husband?

She cheated on many men with her husband even when they were just married and before that

Why married men cheat?

Well when i am older, i am not gonna gett married, because women think that they have a say in men but they dont! Back when men was started, men had to have so much sex with different women to keep the human race alive!!!!!!! Now women think that men should stay with them, AND IT JUST PISSES ME OFF!

In what year did some working class men in town get the vote?

1867 in the reform act

Why would a married man ignore your text when everything was good?

Most married men who cheat love the idea of the excitement and pleasure they receive from their mistress, but in most cases it is short lived. Married men often lie to their mistress so you are not really sure what feelings he had for you. Generally married men never marry their mistress.

Why do married men wants to cheat with married women?

Some people feel that cheating with someone who is married does not require a lot of time and commitment. A married person may require less of someone elses time, because she is married.

Why do married men take their mistresses for drinks?

even though a married man should not cheat on his wife, that does happen! So, he takes his mistress for drink so that they have a nice time.