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Amost never. It is highly inappropriate and, in the United States, it is considered "sexual harrassment" if a man touches any part of a woman without her permission. Sexual harrassment is against the law, and a woman may bring charges against an offender.

It may be an indication of possessiveness or showing off, and is usually considered rather crude and inappropriate even with a romantic partner; although in some cultures it is a sign of affection and appreciation of a woman's "assets."

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Q: Do ladies like it when a guy grabs their butt?
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What do you do if a guy grabs your butt?

You can report it as sexual harassment.

Does a guy like you when he grabs your tummy?


What does it mean when a guy grabs your butt?

That really depends on who the guy is, if its your boyfriend then hes probably being affectionate or feeling frisky, if its your boss its sexual harassment.

What does it mean when a guy grabs your butt and says hot buns?

This is a rude and inappropiate way of saying he likes your rear end.

Does it mean a guy likes you if he grabs you?

if a guy grabs you by hand then it simply means that he is attracted to either physically or even may not be necessary for him to like you

What does it mean when a guy asks if he can hug your leg then grabs your butt?

it means he likes you and wants u to be close to him

What if a guy smacks your butt?

Usually when a guy hits yr butt he is either flirting with you or hitting yr butt because he thinks its really big an likes to watch it jiggle. Trust me i have had a lot of guys hit my butt an most of then were just doing it because they like it an like to watch it move. My boyfriend likes to always hit my butt because he thinks its big an like to watch it move an shake. So young ladies out there if a guy hits yr butt don't take it offensive unless its somebody that you don't know an they just walk up behind you an hit your butt. If that was to happen to me i would beat the crap out of the guy that done it to me. So ladies beat the crap out of any guy that hits yr butt if you don't know them. If its someone you know that does it just smile an sneak over to them an hit them right back on their butt.

How much does a guy like you if he is your friend and grabs your hand after a while in the movie theater?

A lot

What should you do when the guy you like grabs another girls butt and they aren't going out-yet?

Grin and bear it ... he's not your boyfriend yet, and obviously not the other girls' boyfriend either, he's just being a "guy" ... stop being so jealous, as right now he does not belong to anyone, including you.

What does it mean when a guy says you have a nice butt but says he doesnt like you?

It means he thinks you have a nice butt but doesn't like you.

what does it mean when a guy hit a girls butt?

They probably like them!<3

Do most ladies like to spank a guy across her lap?

Not a real women