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yes she has boyfriend...his name is vijay 7507753111

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Q: Do hina Khan have a boy friend?
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Will Hina Khan marry to a Muslim boy?

yes she is Muslim

When was Hina Khan born?

Hina Khan was born on 1987-10-02.

Who is the mother of hina Khan?

Rukhsana Khan is the mother of Hina Khan. Both of them are Muslims by religion. This can be seen from their last names.

Is hina khan pregnant in her real life?

Hina Khan is not married. Hina is a Muslim actress and model in India. She started her professional career in 2009.

Who is the husband of hina khan?

she is unmarried

Is hina Khan married?

no she is still studying

What is Hina khan's father's name?


What is Akshara's real name?

Hina Khan

What is hina khan's number?


Is karan mehra marry with hina khan?


What is the Yahoo id of salmon Khan?

hina khan akshara yahoo id

Does hina khan have any sisters?

i think yes