Do guys like your body

Updated: 9/28/2023
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It depends. I like curvy but thin, not bony thin though. 36c cup( dont ask me how i know) tight, clear skin. i like a lot of skin showing though

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Q: Do guys like your body
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Do girls like guys with a slim body?

I like strong, tall, and sexy guys!

What do guys like about guys?

guy like other guys style and their attitude and penis size and body ect

Will Dylan Sprouse like you?

guys they can like any body they want not only me u to every body

Do guys like outgoing girls?

No body likes hoes.

How do guys feel about a girl with an average face and a good body?

A lot of guys like a girl with an average face and a good body. Some also care about how she acts though and what she is like.

Do guys care if a girl has a perfect body?

Sadly, there are some guys that do care if a girl has a perfect body. That doesn't mean every guy is like that.

How many people like guys with brown hair?

every body but you!!!!!

Why were girls yesterday looking and staring at guys like crazy?

Have you ever heard of the word flirt they like they guys so they will start anywhere on there body

Do guys like girls with body or without?

personally i like mine with a body. a severed head has never really done much for me.

Do guys like body or personality?

Both- the body attracts and they learn the other later, If they like that then the body that attracted them in the first place becomes less important

What do guys like about you?

theres different types of guys and some like girls because of there character some because of your body but some just like you because your preety and nice.

What do guyz like about girls?

guys that are inmature they like the body (you know what). but the guys that are mature they focus more on the inside they also look in the outside but most inside.