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i dont think so!
but some guys like it

boys toatly lovve it they wanna see all that they can

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Q: Do guys like to see girls bra straps?
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Do guys like strapless or hook bras better on girls?

Guys like bras off girls. it doesnt matter.

Do you wear a bra with a dress?

Some girls do wear a bra with a dress it all depends on what kind of dress it is. like if it is a strap less dress then don't but if there are some straps then usually you do.

When to wear a Transparent bra straps?

When you wear dresses like tank top or strapless dress then there is need to wear transparent bra straps.

Why girls wear clear plastic strap bra?

So their bra straps are less obvious if wearing spaghetti strap or a halter neck top.

Where can one go to replace bra straps?

One can buy replacement bray straps from Amazon or Walmart. After one purchases these bra straps, they can then go to Learn Alterations online to learn how to replace the bra straps.

What is the difference between a strapless bra and a regular bra?

A strapless bra is a bra that doesn't have straps going over the shoulder, while a regular bra does have straps. The advantage to a strapless bra is that you can wear them with tube tops and strapless dresses, where as with a regular bra, people will be able to see your straps.

How do you make a thong without sewing?

get an old bra like sports bra with the thin straps twist the straps together and then put the strip up ur as* and the swist the top

Where to find a bra that's straps don't show through a tank top?

u can get a bra wit clear straps or removable straps at kohls

What is a convertible bra?

A convertible bra can be worn normally with straps, strapless, with straps that cross over in the back, or like a halter-top with one strap going around behind the neck and then back to the front.

Why didn't the spice girls have bras?

One reason why the Spice Girls didn't wear bra's was because they always wore tops with straps or strapless bra's. Another reason was that there clothes had a low neck line.

What causes bra straps slide down?

Sounds like it's too big. If your bra can move around freely it can't support you. You will need to get fitted and get a new one as soon as possible. Remember, if you put on a bra at the shop, you SHOULDN'T be able to put it on the tightest hook. What you do it put it on the loosest hooks so that after you've worn it awhile and it stretches, you can where it on the middle clasp. Adjusting the straps are important too, but more of the support your breasts get is from the band, so be fussy and make sure you know your size. Your bra SHOULD be tight, even leaving a bit of a mark is alright, of course as long as it doesn't hurt. If your bra leaves no mark, it is too loose. ( Just like the elastication on knickers leaves a mark sometimes, but fits.) Good luck with getting a new bra. Mogeta.

What do boys think of girls bra straps in middle school what do they think of it?

I guess many boys at that age are trying to think of how to use them as sling shots. were not that immature anymore. that's like fourth grade. im a middle school boy and i really ;Ike seeing a girls bra strap